INCOTERMS® 2010 rules

Training session in Incoterms 2010 from a practical standpoint

Objectives :

  • To provide an up-date on the new revision 2010
  • To have a clear understanding of each Incoterms® rule
  • To determine what is included in the selling price and to define shipment responsibilities between buyer and seller
  • To help you to select the right Incoterms® rule for your consignment

Program :

  1. Incoterms® rules : what do they define ?
  2. Focus : Incoterms® for any mode of transport
  3. Focus : Incoterms® for sea transport
  4. Insurance cargo
  5. Tables and charts for allocations of costs and risks
  6. How to choose the right Incoterms® rule ?

Consultant and trainer : Madeleine Nguyen-The

Price for a training session of ½ day in your firm : please contact us.

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